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Auf Du und Du mit dem GAotU: Der brüderliche Witz

Schnell wird aus dem GaotU (Grand Architect Of The Universe=Gott) ein Ziegenbock (Goat) in den Logen des angelsächsischen Sprachraums, aber besonders der Amerikas. Gerne wurde dem Neuling die Story vom Ritt auf dem Bock zum Besten gegeben. Auch weil der müffelige Bock von Antimasonisten mit satanischem Schwefeldunst assoziiert wurde. Wie bei Taxil, dem Schwindel-Leo im 19. Jhd. Lasst es Euch gesagt sein, Verschwörungsfreunde: Die einzigen Böcke in unseren Logen, sind diejenigen, welche von den Brüdern selbst geschossen werden! Derlei Trophäen sollten Euch aber bestens bekannt sein, sie hängen bestimmt bei Euch zu hause dicht gedrängt an den Wänden.

Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht:

Riding the Goat: Ziegenhaarsichere Kleidung dabei?

Riding the Goat: Ziegenhaarsichere Kleidung dabei?

Alle masonischen Witze in diesem Post sind in englischer Sprache, da sie oft vom Wortspiel leben.

Her Turn …

At a rather grand Ladies evening with many Masons of great honour in
attendance; a new Entered Apprentice was struggling a little to get the
rituals of the Festive Board quite right.
The PGM banged his Gavel, and everyone stood up in silence, the E.A. in his
nervousness unexpectedly broke wind – long and loudly.
In a moments stunned silence, all eyes turned towards the PGM, who was
known to be a bit of a martinet…
Fixing the hapless E.A with a steely gaze he thundered ‘Young man, how dare
you fart before my wife’.

The E.A. scarlet with embarrassment replied ‘ I’m so sorry Provincial Grand
Master, I didn’t realise it was her turn’………..!

3rd Degree Joke

This Jewish tailor has his premises under a Masonic temple. Every time
there’s a function on, all he can hear all evening is Wardens’ wands,
gavels, secret knocks and the occasional goat. No peace the tailor gets.
One evening there’s this huge crowd of them upstairs for a Third.
Atrocious racket. The tailor goes mental, beats hell out of the ceiling
with his broom, screaming abuse at all and sundry. Two minutes later, the
Outer Guard is at his door, nice as ninepence.

  • “Yes? What seems to be the matter, sir?” the good Brother asks the irate
  • tailor.
  • “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?! I’m going meshuggeneh down here
  • with all that racket, you schlemiel!”
  • “Wait, now” protests the Outer Guard in confusion. “Who did you say were?”
  • “Who am I, you putz?” the tailor screams, ” I’m the Jew below!”
  • “Oh well, you better get upstairs right now. They’re looking for you!”

Who’s the boss

A wife heard her husband come back into the house not too long after he
had left for the night. She said, “Honey, I thought you were going to your
lodge meeting.” “It was postponed.” He replied. “The wife of the
Generalisimo Grand Exalted Invincible Supreme Potentate wouldn’t let him
attend tonight.”

Masonic Traveller Joke

by Felix Gordillo
(Universal Lodge #178 – Tampa, Florida)

There is a lodge located in the backwoods of a small southern town where the brethren are faithful Masons, but lack knowledge of receiving brothers from other jurisdictions.
During one of the meetings, the JD (Junior Deacon) informed the WM (Worshipful Master) that there was an alarm at the door, whereupon the WM replied “Attend the alarm and report your findings”.
The JD opened the door and saw, to his amazement, a brother, impeccably dressed with an elaborate apron and jewels about his chest.
The Tyler, being somewhat slow to answer for the visiting brother, the visitor stated, “My name is John Smith, Past Grand Master, who humbly requests an audience with the WM.”
The JD, upon hearing these words from the visiting brother and the elaborate apron and jewels upon his chest, immediately closed the door, returned to his post and informed the WM: “Worshipful Master, The Grand Architect of the Universe is at the door!!!”



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