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The veil is lifting: To the waters and the wild …

Nun wird der Schleier zur anderswelt gelüftet …

Nun wird der Schleier zur Anderswelt gelüftet …
The Door To Fairie, ©scrano 2015

Stolen Child

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping
than you can understand.

William Butler Yeats
  • Meine Halloweenkarte ist eine Mischung aus Photomanipulation, Fraktalkunst und Digitaler Malerei.
  • Digital Art, a mix of Photomanipulation, Digital Painting and fractal elements.
  • Halloween-Gruss zum persönlichen Gebrauch, kein upload auf andere Seiten.
  • Greeting card for personal use, no redistribution on other sites. If I want to post art on pinterest, twitter, facebook etc. I do it myself. Also, it would be unfair to my stock contributors.
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Song version of Yeats Poem by Loreena McKennitt.

It obviously inspired John Boorman to his movie:”The Emerald Forrest“, where the fairies or “little people” are the indigenous tribes of the Amazonian.

It is the season to delve into shifted realities again!

It is time to remember our ancestors, relatives, friends or pets we still love, but are no longer with us. Halloween, All souls Night or Samhain and festivals like “Dia de las Muertos” are her to comfort us and give us hope, that nothing is forever, even death.

So, spookiness during these days is not solely Hollywood gore and amusement park horror, “trick or treat “or whatever customs are practiced. It is to remind us of the necessity that things must end in order to be renewed.
The “Circle if Life”. No need to be scared – as long as you keep a clear conscience, nothing dire will befall you.

It has nothing to do with Satanism, as religious zealots try to convince unsuspecting souls, as they prey on them. Satan is their own concept of shoving problems and shadowy sides of human personality on something to blame – a scapegoat. That is why the chap has this ridiculous goat features. An insult to goats, which are nice and useful animals. May be, the are a bit smelly …
So keep your heart pure and be merry, put out candles for souls to guide them home and have supper with family and friends. Visit a cemetery and meditate over matters of life and death. Invite someone from your social circle, who has suffered a loss recently.
AND then go for “Trick and treat” with your kids or carry “Jack o’ Lanterns” through the night. Or light a fire, if this is allowed in your neighborhood – the flames give us warmth and light and are a symbol of eternal life, not hell. Hell in antiquity was a frozen place, sorrowful, cold and barren.

Keep your animals in, especially cats, and more so if they are black. Idiots of all kind could use them for something awful – not a ritual, mind you, but some kind of blasphemy or sadistic crap, that was shown in some equally idiotic Hollywood flic – labeld “occult” or “satanic”.
Believe me, there is NO Satan, only evil people. Danger to animals during Halloween doesn’t come from pseudo-occultists only:

Snakes, owls, bats and spiders – oh my! I quite like depicting spiders and bats in Halloween decorum. All these nightly, useful creatures are often vilified by people. Also owls and cats – even persecuted by life-hating church fathers. I’m still amazed how initially peaceful christian beliefs got warped to fit into power hungry despotism.  Black cats are not only endangered by wannabe satanists. It’s a sad inheritance of monotheism to kill living creatures because they have been or are sacred to other beliefs. A glance on its sources: Meanwhile it is well known, that Echnaton (Akenaton) was a brutal oppressor and instigated a bloody civil war in Egypt. He was far off being a peaceful Hippie Guru, inventing the concept of a “sole truth”, that only he got told from Aton (God). From this root sprouted Monotheism, which is always based on a “revelation“. Echnaton’s demon, a curse that lasts on Judaism, Islam as well.
An all-encompassing God can be only one, who includes everything, not cuts off bits and pieces that do not fit into cultural traditions. And all of these concepts have a Devil, because there is a catch: Who brought evil in the world, if there is only one, only “good” (from our perspective, anyway) deity. So … there goes monotheism, enter dualism (Zoroastrism), hypocrisy, scapegoating and Satan.


animation: kmygraphic

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